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Feather Edge Fencing using Recessed Concrete Posts.

How it works….

Many people now choose to use concrete posts for feather-edge, the recommended posts to use would be recessed posts where the rails fit within the recesses of the posts and then you feather over the front of this.

Please select from the following:
  • Your Location (this alters the type of feather-edge and rails we supply)
  • The height out of ground.
  • Total Length
  • Distance required between each post

Click calculate and the materials estimate will appear.
Choose Location
Height out of ground:
Length in metres:
Enter the total length of your fence in metres.
Distance between Posts:
Now select from the drop down list the distance you want between each post.
Please note that this is an estimate only based on the information given. In different situations different quantities and lengths will be required, the fencing centre does not take any responsibility in oversights or errors in quantities and materials calculated.