The Fencing Centre
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How we calculate the materials required…

You choose:
  • The total Length of the fence in metres
  • Select if you require a gravel board (don’t forget this adds 150mm the overall height.)
  • Select the height of the panel that you want (not including gravel board)
  • Select if you want a feather-edge panel or an overlap panel
  • Then select which type of post you want to use from:
  • We have allowed for 2 bags of postmix per post. Please note returns are not excepted on postmix. You can amend the quantity in your basket if required.
Once all the info is entered click calculate and it will show what is required.
Total Length:
Gravel Board:
Panel Height in meters:
Type of Post Required:
Please note that this is an estimate only based on the information given. In different situations different quantities and lengths will be required, the fencing centre does not take any responsibility in oversights or errors in quantities and materials calculated.