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Picket Fencing

How it works….

Picket Fencing is a common form of fencing, generally used around the front of properties or to keep the dog in. You can buy pre-formed panels however many choose to make the picket fencing themselves. Below is a calculator to tell you the items you will need.

A fairly standard size gap between the pickets is 70mm the same width as the picket themselves.

Please select from the following:
  • Your Location
  • Total Length
  • The height out of ground.
  • Gap size required, 70mm is quite usual.
  • The size of the post you want to use.
  • The distance between posts.
  • The type of top you want on the picket.
Click calculate and the materials estimate will appear.

This style of fencing uses 70mm x 20mm planed timber with a crisp square edge corner giving the

We have allowed for 2 bags of postmix per post. Please note returns are not excepted on postmix. You can amend the quantity in your basket if required.
Choose Location
Length :
Gap in MM (usually 70mm to match picket):
Post Size:
Distance between Posts:
Type of Top:
Please note that this is an estimate only based on the information given. In different situations different quantities and lengths will be required, the fencing centre does not take any responsibility in oversights or errors in quantities and materials calculated.