34mm Biarritz
4.7 x 3.5m

Reference : BIAR

Price: £4,813.00

Optional Extras
 £899 Biarritz fitting charge
 £410 Biarritz Floor Insulation
 £650 Biarritz Roof Insulation
 £315 Hexagonal Roof Shingles Black
 £52 Ridge Shingles Black
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The Log Cabin Specification::

Base measures: 4.5m x 3.3m
Log Measures: 4.7m x 3.5m
Ridge Height: 2.68m
Wall Height: 2.05m
Area: 14.3m2
34mm Thick Log
Canopy: 700mm
Separate Side Store

What's Included?

Unlike some companies we like to tell you exactly what you need, without hiding any extra costs. All additional extras are optional and are highlighted above. So what do you get as standard in this package?

The Cabin Pack info
Roof & Floor Boardsinfo
Double Glazedinfo
Treated Bearersinfo
Facia Boardsinfo
Latches & Catchesinfo
Storm Proofing Barsinfo

Caring for your cabin:

All our log cabins are built out of kiln-dried, untreated whitewood for you to decorate in accordance with your taste and style. Please ensure you treat your cabin inside and out as soon as it is fitted. To ensure the longevity of your building it is imperative that you treat any bare timber.

  • Preservative

Initially they will need a good coat of quality preservative both internally and externally. Our recommendations on the best products to use can be found here.

  • Painting

Once preserved they will need at least two coats of a high quality paint, we recommend Sadolin Superdec.
For the best results;
We recommend that you remove all doors and windows, one at a time, including the frames to allow you to treat behind each frame and on the log ends. Pay extra attention to the corners, joints, knots and log ends. Internally, a good quality wood stain or paint should also be used to seal the timber. Once painted a bead of silicone should be applied to the glass at the bottom section of each window and door. A bead of silicone or caulk should also be applied where the timber bearers meet the logs.

What does it get put on?

Although the cabin comes with treated bearers these will still need a base to sit on, we recommend a concrete pad. This must be completely level to ensure your cabin will not come across any problems both in the build and further down the line.

Having a level base is essential for your cabin. It means that all the logs slot and stay together without hitch, the windows and doors will be level and open without snagging. It also means the building will also settle in unison over time.

Recommended Base Specifications:

For the best results buildings should be placed on a concrete pad, however in certain situations we understand that this is not possible so therefore decking or a decking sub-frame can be used. This is fine as long as the below rules are followed. Buildings must:

  • Have a tolerance of no more than 5mm over the whole building span.
  • Be flat, level & square.
  • There should be no run-off, unlike a patio or driveway the base must be completely flat.
  • The base must be the exact size of the base of the cabin; if you are unsure ask a member of the sales staff, or alternatively the base size is listed in the brochure.

Most cabins will come with a TGV flooring, this will be highlighted in the pack options above. We would suggest the use of a floor varnish to protect the timber. If you choose to use a type of flooring other than the timber such as carpet, it is important to use a breathable underlay when choosing flooring, for example hessian backed or vapour permeable. Do not use rubber backed underlay as this will sweat and cause the floor to rot. (Lino is not recommended)

So, how is it put together?

There are two options for the erection of our cabins, you can fit these buildings yourself, with most sections pre-cut and instructions to walk you through it not as daunting task as you might imagine. You will need a few tools and a few extra items to complete the job, all cabins come with instructions on how to fit the building, with detailed drawings to run you through the build. Biaritz Manual.pdf 34mm Biarritz <br> 4.7 x 3.5m

You can get it fitted by our expert team for an additional cost, highlighted above. Sit back and relax whilst the team erect the building from start to finish. We do not however prepare your concrete base or offer a painting service in-house, we can however recommend a contractor to do this for you, just speak to one of our staff in branch who will give you their contact details.

What about delivery?

All our cabin buildings are delivered on our own vehicles, the larger of these will be delivered on our 26 tonne (42 foot) crane lorry. Being such a large vehicle we will need to know if there are any obstructions, overhead cables or tight corners in the road. Please let us know if any of these may be an issue so we can make other arrangements. Our cabin packs as pictured are usually 1.2m wide by the length of the longest part of your purchased cabin e.g. 5 metres, they are delivered front of house so a space of this size will be required.
Delivery is free within our regional delivery area, roughly speaking this is within 30 miles of any branch, outside of this area we will contact you after check-out regarding delivery.

Please note any coloured pictures of the cabins are for demonstration purposes only, your cabin is supplied in a "whitewood" colour.